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Martha Bantug at

Martha is a wonderful friend of our family, She breeds chocolate and white standard labradoodles and has been truly a blessing to us, we co-own Rivermists' Ashton together and enjoy talking doodles almost everyday.

Martha Bantug at

Martha is a wonderful friend of our family, She breeds chocolate and white standard labradoodles and has been truly a blessing to us, we co-own Rivermists' Ashton together and enjoy talking doodles almost everyday.

Erica is a wonderful fellow breeder

Carol Finch at and

Carol is a fellow breeder that is concentrating on Parti colored miniature labradoodles. She also has a wonderful boarding Kennel located in Williamsburg, MI along with a few of our doodles. Lance is one of her new boys from us he is a red American multigen.

Maryann Nash at

Maryann and I live in Garrettsville right down the road from each other. Maryann was one of the first people I met when I started breeding and it is always so wonderful to have a friend that you can share everything with, she raises miniature doxies and has been able to provide us with a couple of companions of our own.

Bev at

Bev is a wonderful breeder who is Starting into to her new Miniature Australian labradoodles, Emma, Jemma and Tamika are Labradoodles from our program Bev is looking forward to having beautiful puppies with them in the near future.

Carisa at

Carisa is Located in North Carolina and is a breeder on miniature/medium size red labradoodles. Carisa and he family have that wonderful Southern Charm and truly beautiful dogs. She has provided us with on of our most beautiful additions to our family of doodles a chocolate merle named Sassy and hopefully a new red labradoodle for us also. Carisa will be breeding parti labradoodles beginning of next year watch out for her new litters.

Nicole at

Nicole is looking forward to having her miniature red Australian labradoodles with Ginger a wonderful addition to her breeding program from us.

Tina at

Tina has been a wonderful and supportive friend I have really enjoy her friendship, Tina works very hard to keep diversity and health at the top of her list in her program, She does such a wonderful job with her puppies and thoroughly enjoys what she does. Tina breeders Parti F1b labradoodles, and Goldendoodles.

TKris Robards at

Kris is a breeder of medium/ standard F1b and Multigen Aussiedoodles.

Joyce Wallace at

Joyce is a breeder of miniature Aussiedoodles

Greg Fidoe at

Breeder of F1, F1b and Multigen Goldendoodles

Christina Conn at

First Class Doodles from nose to tail

Buddy is a Australian miniature multigen labradoodle who will be introduce the parti line for Eric and his breeding program Buddy is out of our Ginger and Ashton of Rivermist labradoodles.

Gina Anderson at

Gina at Arbor gate has a wonderful addition to her program from us his name is Ritz he is a miniature F1b labradoodle that is truly stunning. Arbor Gate raises Australian multigen labradoodles.

Suzan Gaston at

Suzan is in Texas she raises parti miniature Australian labradoodles, We have been able to introduce a couple of fabulous new additions to each others breeding program.

Pat Simpson at

Breeder of Australian labradoodles,

Pat has two of our puppies that will be up and coming for her breeding program

Stacy Houston at

Tiar is a chocolate and white parti multigen labradoodle that is from our breeding program.

Connie King at

Breeder of Miniature Australian parti Labradoodles, Connie has provided our program with two wonderful parti Australian labradoodles Kubota and Ashton

Thank You Connie

Ed Schwalbach at

Ed and Teresa at Doo South Labradoodles owner of one of our very special Parti chocolate and white boys. Manna will be a great addition to their parti doodles in the future.

Fun Fact

When introducing your new puppy to your other dog; Once you have purchased your new puppy and are ready to bring it home do not take the puppy into the house, let the 2 of them meet on neutral ground. Either bring your other pet in the car to pick up the puppy to enjoy the ride home together or in a part of the yard that your dog does not go to. This will help your other pet to be more open to the transition and not go into protection mode.

At Just A Walk Home Kennel, we invite you to start an exciting new journey with your family and bring home a furry friend! We provide loving Labradoodle puppies – both Standard-sized pups ready for adventure or miniature buddies looking for cuddles. Whatever the size, it's sure to be a pawsome experience

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