Puppies Available


Offered here at Just A walk Home Training Academy we work with Positive reinforcement type training for only our labradoodle and goldendoodle puppies. Our breeding program has been able to produce many puppies that have gone on to be service dogs in many families and also working in a public environment. Our doodles have shown through the years to be highly trainable and intelligent so training one of our puppies for your family is very gratifying and  important for many families to have a great start with their new family member.
Our training program was designed for the growing needs of our families in education and support for their new doodle. We designed our training around each specific need of our families, whether it is just the begin stages of leash training , crate and potty or for the family that really wants and needs the more obedient puppy sit lay and stay in addition to the starter program. Our programs are to build confidence, assurance and education to both the family and their new puppy. Our labradoodle and goldendoodle puppies through our program have shown that early basic training have set the course of excellence in obedience for their entire life! Once we have taken on your family for training it will be also informative to your family as we are in the process of training you will also be involved in the education as we are working with your new family member
General Obedience( Basic Training) $300.00 a week

2 weeks needed to start

Two weeks of Training offers a foundation of obedience for your puppy. The 2 week training course includes but not limited to, house training using a bell for potty training, Crate training, sit down Wait, (which is for food traffic at the door and on walks) Recall come when called, loose leash walking and no jump 
Week three and four would offer the above training package It would be extensions on wait times and wider ranges of the recall and beginning of off leash training