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Each Labradoodle puppy when picked up comes with a starter pack filled with puppy food, Toys and a blanket from home. When picked up at our home


UPDATED: July 1st 2014

Another happy doodle family photo:) Thanks

Happy Spring to our doodle families:)

We are taking deposits, on younger litters ready in late July

Pixie Mini Goldendoodles,

Rosies mini merles and choco litter  labradoodles

Bella's litter standard red and wht and choco and wht labradoodles

Puggly's red medium litter labradoodles

Deposit forms are on the contracts link it is a 200 deposit to hold a doodle for your family

Parents: Paisley and Jackson

Birthdate: May 4th

Ready: July 4th

Sex: Female

Australian labradoodles $1800

wavy fleece  Choco and wht

Medium/standard Labradoodles 45-55 pounds at maturity


Parents: Paisley and Jackson

Birthdate: May 4th

Ready: July 4th

Sex: Female/male

Australian labradoodles  $1600

wavy fleece Red and wht parti

Medium/standard Labradoodles 45-55 pounds at maturity


Parents: Paisley and Jackson

Birthdate: May 4th

Ready: July 4th

Sex: male

Australian labradoodles  $3000

wavy fleece Choco merles

Medium/standard Labradoodles 45-55 pounds at maturity


Parents: Puggly and Barron

Birthdate: June 20th

Ready: Aug 20th

Sex: Female  $1800

wavy fleece Red and red and wht

Medium Australian Labradoodles 25-35 pounds at maturity


Parents: Puggly and Barron

Birthdate: June 20th

Ready: Aug 20th

Sex: male

 wavy fleece Choco merles 2500

Red 1800

Medium Australian Labradoodles 25-35 pounds at maturity


Parents: Penny and Fozie

Birthdate: May 22nd

Ready: July 22nd

Sex: Female

 wavy fleece blue /red merles 1800

Choco 1600

Mini Australian Labradoodles 20-25 pounds at maturity


Parents: Dolly and Legend

Birthdate: March 8th

Ready: May 8th

Sex:  Female Left/ Right male

Standard F1b  $1800

wavy fleece

Miniature Labradoodles 50-55 pounds at maturity

Parents: Butter and Merlin

Birthdate: March 2nd

Ready: May 3rd

Sex: Female  1600

Black and tan wavy fleece

Miniature Labradoodles 25-35 pounds at maturity Medium size

NEW VIDEO: http://youtu.be/u_9f4U3V0Yk

Parents: Remi and Fozie

Birthdate: March 2nd

Ready: May 3rd

Sex: 2 Choco Female 1600

Red female wavy fleece

Miniature Labradoodles 25-35 pounds at maturity Medium size


Parents: Babe Ruth and Dudley

Birthdate: Feb 10th

Ready: April 10th

Sex: 2 Female 1600

wavy fleece

Miniature Goldendoodles 25-35 pounds at maturity Medium size



Parents: Cleo and Gus

Birthdate: Feb 2nd

Ready: April 1st

Sex:  male Choco  1600

wavy fleece

Standard size American labradoodles Multigens  50-55 pounds at maturity


Parents: Rosie and Merlin

Birthdate: June 1st

Ready: Aug 1st

Sex: Females

Australian labradoodles 25-30 pounds at maturity Medium size Choc 1600 and choco merle parti 1800

Parents: Rosie and Merlin

Birthdate: June 1st

Ready: Aug 1st

Sex: male

Australian labradoodles 25-30 pounds at maturity Medium size choco merle 2500.00

Parents: Clair and Monkey

Birthdate: Feb 20th

Ready: April 18th

Sex: Male Red  2000.00

wavy/Curly fleece

Australian Multigen labradoodles 30-35 pounds at maturity Medium size



Parents: Moose and Arnie

Birthdate: Jan 8 th

Ready: March 8th

Sex: Male


Australian labradoodles 50-55 pounds at maturity Standard size




Parents: Kissy and Merlin

Birthdate:  Jan 8 th

Ready: March 8th

Sex: Trained choco Male   $2200.00 Choco

wavy fleece

Australian labradoodles 30-35 pounds at maturity Medium size




Testimonials from our wonderful families:

Hi Bree -  It has been two and a half years since you shipped our Patsy (your Classy) to us here in Charlotte, NC.  She has become quite the phenomenon as our store mascot.  Little did we know she would be so well behaved that we can take here to work with us everyday.  She loves our customers and the occasional dog visitor.   She has been such a delight, makes us laugh every day and gives back more love than we could ever give her.  And we try.  She is quite lucky to have a house at the ocean, where she is in her heaven, and a pool at home which she loves.  Patsy has other labradoodle friends she is crazy about also.


I just wanted to know how much love you sent to us when you put her on that plane to Charlotte.  I cannot recommend a Labradoodle enough.  

 She just launched her own Facebook page which you can check out at


 We have about 4000 other pictures of her also.  We are not proud or anything.  Keep up the good work.

 Ron Wootten / Tim Hamilton


Dear Bree
I wish to give you my testimonial. The only word to describe my puppy is AMAZING. Everyone says this is the best dog they have every seen. He is beautiful to look at, but even more amazing is his intelligence and personality. He is very calm. He doesn't bark. He doesn't go crazy unless we are playing. He doesn't chew anything except his toys. He doesn't go nuts when he sees new people or other dogs. He plays with other dogs in the dog park but behaves perfectly when we go for a walk. He wants to be with us and will bring us presents all day long. He brings shoes, cell phones, his toys anything. He does not distort anything, not even his toys. He is amazing. In the few weeks we have had him he has learned to stand still while I groom him. He has learned to ring the bell to go outside. He will come, sit, down, stay and we are now working on a few tricks. He learns new things in a matter of minutes. Once he understands what I want him to do he will do it even when I don't ask. He asks me to shake hands. He loves doing things for us. He is quietly by my side all day.

My friends are amazed. Their next dog will be a Labradoodle but it MUST come from your kennel. They have never seen anything like this in their lives. Thank you for being such a responsible breeder. Your efforts have brought so much joy to my life. May people can produce a product they want, but you give people love. Harriet Treynor


I have been meaning to send you this note for about a month! Oh my God! Life is too much sometimes!


I wanted to give you an update on the little guy you called Onyx, we call him Moseby. The kids picked the name and I agreed to it because it sounds, though spelled differently, than the historic figure John Mosby who was an amazing soldier during the Civil War.


Anyway...amazing, wonderful, fun, sweet, healthy, happy, smart, silly, OH! What a great dog! He is just the best, so lovable and so loving. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am, how lucky I am to have found you!


He is just the best and really completes our family perfectly!




Dear Bree,


We adopted a male, chocolate merle, miniature labradoodle from you in February 2011.   We named him Reeses (Mr. Peanut Buttercup).  Reeses was born November 20th, 2010 and was from Sassy and Templeton first litter.  Before adopting Reeses you described him as a thinker, cuddly and a lap dog... and that is exactly what we got.  When he arrived from the airport he was so hesitant but by the time we made it to the car, he was cuddling in my neck.  To our surprise, he was paper trained and knew how to sit and stay at 11 weeks old.


We just had to write you and thank you for allowing us to adopt Reeses.  He is the most affectionate, inquisitive and smartest dog we have ever met.  He has made our home complete!  Reeses has just modeled to raise money for a local animal shelter and we are stopped by strangers everywhere asking us what type of dog he is and they always comment on his exotic features.   He took to swimming in the pool very easily and loves to lounge on a float.  He is adored by the entire extended family and they all beg to watch him.  Reeses loves to snuggle in bed with us, go for long walks, take rides in the car and play frisbee or ball.  He also loves to give High 5 and shake hands.  The funniest thing he does is speaks... he talks, well barks when he wants something or wants to play!  We swear he is half human.


Reeses just celebrated his 1st Birthday!  Thank you so much Bree and family for allowing us the honor of having such an amazing puppy.


Yours truly,

Sandy and Jay


Hello Bree,


Just wanted to share some new pictures with you.  He is doing really good, he is such a cute boy.  Thanks again for him, I love him.


This is Atticus on his second birthday Nov. 1 2011.  He is one of your pups, think his father was Scruffy and mother was a white poodle. 

He is the sweetest guy and the love of everyone that meets him.  He loves nice dogs, all children, and people in general. What a fun guy he is with a personality barr none. How lucky to have found him.

Thanks for breeding this one.


I may be looking for a mini.  What would you suggest?



D Hanley

Washington, DC.





Our goal at Just A walk Home Kennel is to bring a new life into your family in the way of a happy, healthy puppy whether it is a Standard size Labradoodle puppy, or a miniature size labradoodle puppy we want this to be a wonderful experience for your family. We offer visits with your new puppy and a two year genetic warranty on your fully vet checked family member before they leave. Our Labradoodle puppies are bred for a good disposition along with a non-shed coat that will help for a allergy free home. We also breed for a range of sizes to fit every home. The Labradoodle puppies for sale come in many colors, they are chocolate, chocolate and white parti labradoodles, black, black and white parti labradoodles, apricot, cream, brindle, sable, white, and silver. Our Australian labradoodle puppies are well socialized and are produced out wonderful natured parents to ensure that your dog will be a wonderful family addition, we are able to answer all of your questions concerning your new puppy and to help you decide on the coat and size that will fit your family needs.

Labradoodle puppies are very sweet and wonderful they are easy going as puppies all the way through to adulthood, We multigen many of our Labradoodles to produce a more pure American labradoodle or Australian labradoodle, this helps ensure that great nature that they are known for. The parti colors is genetic from the parti poodle it is introduced in the beginning of the breeding program and used again to produce the parti coloring in the F1b labradoodle and the multigen labradoodles. Our Labradoodles puppies for sale come in many sizes and colors. Sizes start at Toy mature weight being 20-25 pounds Miniature at maturity is 30-40 pounds and Standards are 50-60 pounds these are all very close to what they will mature at but always remember these are breed from standard sizes parents and reduced in size slowly. Our merle Labradoodle puppies for sale come in many sizes also and we have found through our family that any breed mixed with a poodle makes a breed better.

We always have many Labradoodle puppies for sale throughout the year please watch the website to see our Labradoodle puppies for sale.

Our labradoodle puppies for sale are priced by color not size or sex, please visit our Purchasing info page to see more details on prices and shipping methods preferred by us along with information on our warranty and guaranty that we offer with every labradoodle puppy.  

Here at Just A walk Home Kennel we want to have forever homes for our puppies so please give us a call so we can help you with this decision of your life long family member.


Hi Bree! Just thought I would drop you a note and a picture so you can see Lizzie is a great dog and comfort to my whole family. Can't believe she is 2 now. Can you remind me of her birthdate? Hope all is well with your family and the kids are having a great summer school break


Mary Woolf

Dear Bree:  We have been meaning to write, but life with a new pup has been busy.  We had lots of debates about what to name Tinker and we all agreed over dinner at the airport that we needed to see him before deciding.  We all took one look at him and unanimously agreed that he should be "Chance".  He has adjusted to his new name and home fabulously.  He really is a great dog!  We have tried to keep him on his schedule and he is training well. We (he and I) go for walks, which have started short and continue to increase day-by-day. 


Thank you so much.  He is a joy for us.  The kids and I have wondered about his parents.  If possible, we would love some info about his lineage and the kids would love a picture of his parents.


We absolutely adore him.


Catherine Wells aka mother of Chance aka Tinker


Hi Bree, I have to tell you how much we are enjoying Misty.  She is so cute and so smart.  Although being this smart she does have a mind of her own, but has become the light of our lives. She has been really great at training to go potty outside, and has only had accidents when we don't pay attention to her.  We hung bells on the door and it only took showing her twice how to ring them to go out and has only had an accident when we are not paying attention.  She sits and stays already.  She will come when called (gets a treat when she does) except if she is interested in something in the yard (that's where a mind of her own comes in). She had her last shots last week and the vet says it will be safe to take her out a week after that.  I can't wait to take her out to learn to walk on the leash outside the yard and to visit my daughters' dogs. 
 We have an appointment to have Misty spayed next week on the 14th.  She will just be 4 months old and I wondered if you thought this was a too early to have it done.  I believe you said to have it done by 6 months so wondered what you thought of having it done now.  As always, we want to do what is best for her.
Thanks for your input.

Thank you Bree, I will try and get that.  By the way I bought this puzzle that you put treats in.  It is a 2 layered star and they have to move it around to get the treats out of both levels.  I thought it would keep her occupied for a while, but it took her about 30 seconds to figure it out and get all the kibble.  She is so smart!   Do I sound like a proud mama?










































































































































































































































































































































































































































FACT: When introducing your new puppy to your other dog; Once you have purchased your new puppy and are ready to bring it home do not take the puppy into the house, let the 2 of them meet on neutral ground. Either bring your other pet in the car to pick up the puppy to enjoy the ride home together or in a part of the yard that your dog does not go to. This will help your other pet to be more open to the transition and not go into protection mode.